Jonny Farmer

Biography for @folk&lorepod

Jonny Farmer is a Shepherd and Farm manager from County Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

Somewhat of a wayward sheep himself amongst the natives, this farmer, both by name and nature strays far from traditional flock care narratives; implementing his own unique approach to next-generation shepherding, on Glenbush Farm. 

His pioneering methodology incorporates the use of groundbreaking science and genetic intentionality; as ethical practice becomes more and more the motivation crux of this earthen vocation in which he so passionately adheres to.

His holistic approach to animal husbandry is relatively new to Ireland, a systematic influence of time spent amongst Kiwi farmers in the New Zealand Valleys back in the early two-thousands.

Throughout this interview one could be forgiven for mistaking the role of the farmer for that of the mystic; as he speaks to generations of European farmers from the aether of increased land sensitivity and the vast genetically unknown. A call to deepen and to rekindle the forgotten art of listening to the land, as opposed to that of constantly dictating to it in the continuation of reactive and habitual farming. 

He calls upon his peers to join him in an ancient conversation with humanities, most precious resource, campaigning for sincere cultural change in attitudes towards land management.

As a former NSA (National Sheep Society) ambassador, vice chairman and now trustee there a few on this island who understand the sensitivities of sheep craft better than he.

It’s a Saturday morning at the tail end of April and the weather by now should be turning consistently for the better; but this is Ireland, that ireful green rock on the far left-hand side of Europe, there’s not a tree between here and the Americas.

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