Jude Moses

Biography for @folk&lorepod

Stephen George William also known as ‘Jude Moses’ is a Musician, Songwriter and Producer from Charlotte North Carolina.

With the bulk of his time spent on the road as a session musician, Stephen talks to me about navigating life whilst on tour and  how he curates space within a packed and often crowded schedule to implement rest and quieten his inner radio.

This southern subatomic multi instrumentalist was raised in the stoic simplicity of a Toombs County Onion-town; his sound crafted amongst Georgia Pine and Dusty Pale Horses.

I first met Williams back in 2009 whilst living in Fort Mill, North Carolina and in 2011 he moved to Northern Ireland on a songwriting expedition and to flesh out our collaborative musical project ‘Sons of Caliber’.

His connection however to this Island has been strong throughout his life, with friends from the province often frequenting his family home and town growing up; his understanding of Northern Irish culture and its people is by now fairly accumulative and his effortless adaptation of our tone, accent and humour rolls from his tongue like he went to a school somewhere in and around South Derry.

With a decade of friendship between us; he and I have been intermittently collaborating together for the last ten years to varying degrees, breaching our Oceanic Atlantic Divide to trade secrets, working on each others creative projects and weaving together stories and sound in an exchange of melodic cultural currency.

Williams’, is a walking symphony, he does everything with a harmony attached to it, from fixing breakfast to laying down, he is an sonic installation. He is an instrument.

His debut album ‘We Won’t Die’ is a full length American folk, rock hybrid.

Incorporating a ream of proficient Charlotte talent within its musical corridors. And reading between the lines I sense a new collection of songs immanent.

The Georgians vocal range is immense and although a few years my junior his creative influence on me as a songwriter and singer has been both immeasurable and incomparable.

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